New me

This week's "Fashion, Beauty, Friends Friday" gave me a wonderful chance to wrap up this year and state my resolutions, goals for "Tashrin" in 2011.

Q.The one thing I vow to learn or do in 2011 to improve "Tashrin"......

A. I really want to learn using my Sony Cybershot Point and Shoot in its manual mode and get the most out of it. I know a DSLR would give me the amazing picture quality that I crave on many blogs...but I will only get it after I have mastered my point and shoot and have reached 1000 followers on google. It might sound silly to others but it's just a personal goal I have for myself and Tashrin. 

Q.What I learned about blogging in 2010 that I plan to put into
practice next year.......

A. I learned that the best way to connect with my readers are direct commenting, Twitter and Facebook. I already respond to each and every single comment I receive on Tashrin by visiting back the commenter's blog. I want to keep doing that and be more active on Twitter and Facebook.

Q. Are there any high-level goals I have for "Tashrin" in the coming year?
Monetization? More comments? More connections with other bloggers? A
new template? 

A. I would like a new template to reflect my cultural/ethnic identity as well as the business venture I am planning. It is a lot of work but I would like to see it come to life before the end of 2011. I would also like to devote some time each day to reach out to new blogs.....ones I have never visited before, along with commenting on my regular readers. 

Monetization is a lucrative option but I want to build a really wide range of audience before I proactively offer advertisement spots on the blog. However in the mean time I am more than delighted to host giveaways or provide reviews on behalf of sponsors if I think my readers would benefit from it.

Q.If I could collaborate with one other blogger within my sphere
of influence in 2011, who would I like to collaborate with, and what
would I like to collaborate on? 

A. I would collaborate with Republic of Chic. The girls Ruhi and Faiza are incredibly talented and we share similar cultural and aesthetic identities. In my dream world I would love to open an online boutique with them selling Indian themed accessories and clothing from our favorite designers.

Q. What I plan to do to support other bloggers next year......

A. It might sound silly but I have created a Formspring and I welcome all the bloggers out there, new and old, but especially new to ask me questions.....any questions you might have about blogging, technical issues, ethical issues, confusion about blogging etiquette, monetization, anything that might spring to your mind. I know when I started blogging I had a lot of questions and I still do. Sometimes I was a bit ashamed to email a blogger to ask about a new layout, or how she got a certain sponsor or other questions that seemed equally silly to me. So I want you , my readers, to have the option of asking anonymously and I will answer to the best of my knowledge and research abilities.

My fellow bloggers, what plans do you have for your blogs in 2011? Please share with us in the comments.
Have a wonderful new year!!!

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