This week I'm reading........Schanh diu fashion

It's been quite a while since I posted the first "This week I'm reading".......and I have discovered man fascinating blogs in the mean time. This week I present to you, Lini, from Hanover, Germany 

I am not quite sure how I first found Lini, but I knew that I have found a girl whose style I will never get tired off. Lini to me is unexpected, bold and a breath of fresh air. She mixes colour like no body I have ever seen and the end result is absolutely gorgeous.Here's Lini, in her own words.....

Lini - Schanh Diu Fashion

I'm Trinh Thuy Linh, but my nickname "Lini" has been with me for a long time ^____^ and my friends know me more as Lini than my real name :). I come from Viet Nam but have been living in Hanover, Germany for about 10 years.

Last year I was interning with three different fashion designers in Hanover with three very different styles. Working with them really fascinated me and made me want to know more about fashion. That is why I started blogging, keeping up with fashion news, and street styles from the whole world.  I started Schanh Diu Fashion since January of this year but have really started blogging since March :)

In terms of a signature style I don't really have one, I just go about mixing pieces the way I feel. However I am always inspired by versatility and colour as you can see from all of my outfit photos that I love colours.
When I am not in school I love to illustrate, to me it's relaxing and a form of expressing my vision through art. Other than that I sometimes design clothes, sew something that inspires me, watch movies, go vintage shopping or hang out with my friends. *o*

I've been living in Hanover for about 10 years which sounds like a very long time but I always feel that I am new here. The city is small and peaceful. Here I have my lovely family, my boyfriend and my best girlfriends. They are the best support for me in good and bad times.
But next year I want to go study in another city, so I'm gonna miss this place very much.

Ever since I started blogging from one post to the next I have experienced an amazing feeling of growth. I've got to know so many new people/ bloggers in the world. I know more about fashion, designers, art, and how the world changes everyday than ever before. I also try to write in English so that I can improve it and sometimes try and translate it in German (which is really really hard to learn). I am so happy that I have so many lovely readers who always support me with their lovely comments and don’t really care about my bad English. That makes me brave to write and blog more. So I just want to thank them and am going to continue my journey in this fascinating world of fashion.

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