Five & five

Recently Ashley, from Two Eyes in the Mirror tagged me to list five things I am currently loving and answer five questions. 

Five things

Karelia Coat from Anthropologie
Jasmine scented.....bath products, perfume, name it
The Happiness Makeover and other books, by M. J. Ryan
Ferrero Rocher & Ferrero Rondenoir :)
Cozy and cute lounging clothes

Five questions

Favorite Make Up Brand? I only use kohl , lip balm and occasionally mascara. But I loved the gorgeous packaging and colour range of B: Never too busy to be beautiful, a sister company of Lush. Sadly, they closed down. :(

Favorite Clothing Brand? Anthropologie, breathtaking styling.

Your indispensable make up product? Kohl, without it my eyes would be non-existent.

What country would you like to visit and why? India, this magnificent country has everything....golden beaches by blue oceans, vast deserts, mangrove forests as well as the snow covered Himalayas. Plus shopping in an Indian Bazaar is a dream come true.

What was the last concert you went to? Academy Award winning Indian composer A.R. Rahman's Jai Ho world tour concert. It was the experience of a life time, seeing him and hearing his music live.

Thank you Ashley for tagging me, I'm tagging......

Kirstin from Crimson Rosella
Jodi from Day2daywear
Kristy from Monochroma Chic

Why don't you share with us a few things you are loving the comments!

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