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I have known the incredibly lovely and talented blogger Alexandra behind "Haine Accesibile" for quite a while now. This 20 something fashionista is a fashion editor for an online magazine and in her free time she runs her own business through her beautifully styled and photographed blog. Here's her own words.

 Alexandra - Haine Accesibile

My name is Alexandra and I'm from Bucharest, Romania. I started a blog in 2009 with a friend to showcase and sell my pre-loved clothes....after a while I just branched into my own blog with the help of my boyfriend, the guy behind the camera.

For my personal style, I focus on a vintage look, but can not really say I have a signature style. I constantly do a lot of research, pay attention to the trends, read blogs, fashion magazines and attend fashion shows. Inspiration for me, can come from a song, a picture I have seen, a model I am shooting or maybe a scene from a movie.

When not blogging,  I can be found wandering the streets of Bucharest, looking for hidden treasures in second hand shops or locations to conduct my next photo shoot. I also spend time with my friends, visit our favourite cafes, take a trip to the mountains or the countryside. However, nothing relaxes me like an episode from Sex & the city and a steaming cup of latte.

I have always been quite passionate about fashion, starting from childhood, when I used to dress up my dolls by creating them new clothes.

As a child I also wanted to become many other things....from a an Egyptologist......pretty much all the characters from my favourite novels. As it turned out I graduated from a tourism college and have been working as a journalist for three years now. However, in the future I definitely see myself managing my own fashion business.

My most favourite blogs have to be Pandora and Second Skin.  Both these girls are incredibly talented with a style very much their own. Moreover, all their photos seem to have a story behind them and it feels wonderful to imagine that.

It's only now that I have started my own blog I know that there is so much more to blogging than I thought. It gives you the chance to meet and keep in touch with people from all over the world who share your interests and passions. That's definitely the most incredible thing about it.



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