Artsy affair

Since I have made a conscious choice to simplify my life, I plan for and meticulously curate each item coming into my life. Although shopping is not always an option, appreciating beautiful and unique creations from all over the world definitely is. Sharing is caring, so, instead of keeping them all to myself, every so often, I'll share some of my favorites with you. If not mine, maybe they could grace your closets, homes and lives.

Brainchild of artist and illustrator Samantha Battersby, Matou en Peluche means Plush Tomcat. But in her quirky Etsy shop Sam has so much more to offer than just cats. In fact my personal favorites are her art deco illustrations of elegant ladies, her equally handsome birds and globe trotting, little dreamer girls. 

Check out Matou en Peluche Etsy shop here
For behind the scene stories and fun details check out Blog here
Card & poster shop here

Do I really have to introduce you to Libris Lunaria? The gem of a print shop from the talented and breathtakingly gorgeous girl behind "The snail & the cyclops". I was biting my nails with excitement when she was sharing the planning stages of this Etsy shop with us on her blog, waiting in anticipating for it to start running. Well it has started running and is chock full of magical vintage print reproductions. 

Check out Libris Lunaria Etsy shop here
Blog here

This is a vintage print and ephemera shop that I just discovered yesterday. However I'm already smitten with the beautiful selection this lady has to offer. So I thought I'll share with you all. 

Check out Old Paper And Pages Etsy shop here

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