Tights fitting

I consider myself a dress-skirt kind of girl, having not a single pair of pants (including denim) in my closet. Therefore tights are a wardrobe staple for me. As a connoisseur of specialty tights I wanted to introduce you to a few brands I absolutely adore. 

Zohara was founded last year in Israel with a goal to blend art and fashion in a way never done before. The collections are created by a collaboration of international artists and each design seen on the tights is an original artwork. These are the only tights I know of that portray my style aesthetic perfectly. A friend emailed me about them and it just shows how perfectly she understands me. :)

Check out Zohara Website here
Facebook page here

Post on Etsy is another brand that deeply fascinates me. Gabby & Tal from Israel creates not only tattoo tights but also decals, shirts and silver rings. When I'm in the mood for something simpler than Zohara, only the beautiful butterfly, peacock feather, snowflake and damask adorned tights from Post will do.

Check out their Etsy shop here
Facebook page here

So I'll leave you to revel in the beauty of these two. There are a couple more brands I'd like to introduce you to, but to do them justice a separate post is in order. So stay tuned for part two.

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