All dressed up with somewhere to go....

Last week was a really memorable one in my short life, especially the weekend.

I was at work, and during a performance, a naked man in a blonde curly wig ran out of the auditorium to give me a massive hug and a kiss on my cheek.

I went to my first ever Katthak class, something I have dreamed about and wanted to do ever since I was four years old and saw the little dancers wearing ghungroo in my music school.

I found Zen Habits and Mnmlist, written by a man named Leo Babauta. I'm scared to say how I feel after reading them because I am a personal style blogger and by nature a consumer. But honestly speaking I have never felt more peaceful, inspired or infinite than I felt after reading his musings on minimalism as a lifestyle. that I think about it, considering how bad the storm sounded from inside my apartment....the snow in these photos don't look half as bad. But looks can be was freaking cold. Also on that note please excuse the strange facial expression....I was trying the mind over matter principle to prevent my body parts from freezing.

It worked! For about 5 minutes. :)

Wearing: Guess Dress, F21 Shrug, Hue Tights, Le Chateau Earrings, Kensington Market-Walmart-Dreamy Vintage Ring and Geox flats

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