Happy Day

Tuesday was my first ever "Happy Day", a day filled with simple things that make me happy.

I spent the day eating potato chips and Chinese take out; de-cluttering the apartment; reading my favorite novels/ blogs and engraving a barn owl for my future studio. I did not do anything that I was asked to do or was supposed to do, only what I wanted to do.

It felt liberating, as if I was back in my teenage years during the sweet summer holidays, when the days consisted of nothing but good books, snacks, movies, music, dancing on my own and creative projects. I was nostalgic but I felt really really happy.

I scheduled eleven more "Happy Days" for 2011, filled with things that make me happy and nothing else.

Today I am more focused,  motivated and feel compassionate. Also limiting my guilty pleasures to once a month gave me a sense of control. From now on when the craving strikes I know how to make myself wait, by imagining the sweet indulgence on the next "Happy Day".

How do you find this concept, friends? Would you try it? Please share with us in the comments.

Wearing: Gifted Barami Dress, Thrifted Belt, H&M & Bitter Sweet Ring and Tessoro Necklace

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