Purple blossoms

Yayyy!!! Reading week has started and I am back to blogging. :) It's been a hectic two weeks, but the midterms went well so those sleepless nights were worth it.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about increasing efficiency in my life and creating more time for things I love. I'm trying a new personal organization system for a week, will tell you about it when it's over...wish me luck!!!

Finally, my V-day outfit. I contradicted myself and wore shades of plum instead of red......do red nails count? I've had a haircut and believe it or not, finding this simple style took me six years and I still don't know how to do this myself. But Bf is quite eager to buy a curling iron so I can learn, so moved he is by my hair transformation. However, I have checked off two things from my To-Do list for 2011, finding an aesthetician and a hairstylist who really understand what I need. God bless Faven and Cindy!!!

Now I have a favor to ask you, could you recommend a Really Easy tutorial to do hair like this? Just so you know........I Do Not know how to blow dry and have never touched a curling iron. Oh and I also have naturally curly, frizzy hair. Do you still think there exists a hair tutorial out there for me??? :)

Wearing: Alloy Dress, F21 Sweater, H&M Belt, Ghost Love Jewelery Cuff, Hue Tights, Geox Shoes and Ardene-Walmart Rings

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