Sartorial adventures

Being ill when you have two mid terms in less than 24 hours really puts things in perspective. 

What I should be doing is solving mountains of statistics problems from years past and trying to soothe my aching body with a hot bag.

What I am doing is imagining myself in London, browsing the quirky vintage stores with Carrie from "Wish, Wish, Wish" she teaches me the secrets to a wardrobe full of English character. Then I'm in Oslo chatting up a storm with Fleurette from "Dead Fleurette" about creating the perfect capsule wardrobe in the ideal of a French woman that stands the test of time and passing trends. Finally to end my sartorial adventures for the day, I meet up with Zarna from "Zarna's Runway" as we quickly set about finding just the right pieces to add to a wardrobe for that perfect touch of whimsy.

Join me on my journey, will you!

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