Search for opulence

Often I try to define my ideal style, as a way of achieving harmony between my body and soul. I believe, personal style honestly cultivated is truly an extension of one's soul.

It is difficult. Being neither born nor raised in the western world, I find the influences of an ancient civilization to be quite strong on me. It does not let me quickly categorize myself into a style. I can not be quite content with a preppy, classic, posh eclectic or bohemian look. Always I feel the need to throw in something unexpected.....maybe a Kundan necklace or a top with a printed deity on it, a silk paisley shawl, maybe even a hand full of glass bangles.....or just wear a classic outfit in a color combination distinctively South Asian.

While I religiously study the classic style icons sometimes I can't help but look for inspiration in someone a bit more exotic, such as Mata Hari.

Despite not being of Indian descent, she was fascinated by this ancient culture and her outfits although product of her imagination, very much reminds me of the grandiose way of dressing that was once common practice. 

Image source - Mata Hari
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