Stirring things up.........

Lately, I been feeling a lack of motivation. It's almost like my life's in a standstill, and there is no forward momentum. There are a few stagnant issues in my life, which have been causing such feelings. I have identified them but can not do anything except to let the universe take its course. 
This I'm afraid is impacting the way I dress, causing me to reach for same old favorites again and again. Now I have a fairly minimal wardrobe, but if I am not using everything to their full potential, clearly it is time for a change. 

So starting from today I will mend, clean, rework everything in my wardrobe and proceed to create at least three distinctively different outfits from each item. If during this time, I do not wear something because I don't know how to style it or can not style an item at least three ways, it will leave my life. 

At the end of this challenge I will have a wardrobe that is used to its full potential and hopefully a renewed creative confidence. 
Wish me luck!!!

I am starting with 18 dresses, 15 tops, 11 skirts, 9 t-shirts/ tanks, 7 cardigans, 4 blazers, 6 outerwear, 6 scarves, 7 bags and 10 pairs of footwear.

Wearing: Anthropologie Karelia Coat, Hue Tights, Payless Shoe Source Slingbacks and Gifted Earrings

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