This week I'm reading..........Fashezine !!!

My heart's actually beating a little fast as I type the name of the blog I want to introduce you to this week. This was a dream ever since I first came across Ioana's blog, Fashezine, late last Autumn. Apart from truly original content and extremely well researched articles.....Fashezine has the ability to take the viewer to a different world. But enough of my's Ioana Liliana her own words.

I am Ioana, a girl in her early 20's who's crazy about magazines, books and of course fashion. At the moment I am in Bucharest from where I create and write posts for my personal style blog Fashezine. 

I have followed, loved blogs and the concept of blogging for a long time now. Yet what made me decide to start my own personal blog was the need to connect and interact with like minded people and to create something that I hope is beautiful. 

For me, inspiration comes from everywhere, from songs, to photos, stories, people. The fact that I am trying to post quite regularly and frequently (3-5 times/ week) and also post only original content is a most interesting challenge that has opened my mind to a variety of creative possibilities. 

 My signature style has been evolving during these past few years and while it still continues to do so, I can safely say that I have always liked dark and earthy colors such as caramel, dark red, beige, and of course black. Right now I have a passion for the sixties, and yet I can't stop thinking about a long semi see-through black skirt worn with black leather boots. 

When I am not blogging I can be found reading, cooking, embroidering, photographing everything around me and revising my application for another Master's program. :)

The best part about where I live has to be my home. I just love the coziness of my apartment, and the fact that this is where I have almost everything I need, in no particular order: my laptop, books, magazines, boyfriend, clothes, blackberry....

Without wanting it to sound like a cliche, the best part of blogging for me has been the interaction and feedback I received from people all around the world. It's amazingly beautiful to see how easily people open up and share with you when you yourself are being open with them. 



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