A year in retrospect

Today I just want to say, "Thank you!". 

I started "Tashrin" a year ago, on this very day; not knowing what I am getting into or if I'll even be able to write the next post.

365 days have passed, I've written not only the next post but many more and I met you. And let me tell you, there is something quite special about knowing that you're not just talking to yourself.....but to a world of unseen friends.
Do you know, really know....how special each and every one of you are in my life?

On another note, yesterday as I was writing this post, google announced that it can give me 7 Gb of useless storage in my gmail but only 1 Gb for my treasured photos. As I find a solution to this situation in the next few days....some photos might go missing. Don't panic....I'm on it. :)

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