Cape girl

Ummm no pun intended. That's exactly what bf kept calling me since he laid eyes on me in this cape. I was really excited to debut this beauty, so I took my time carefully coordinating colors and had picked out a gorgeous location down in the ravine. But of course the wonderfully eclectic Toronto weather had to pour ice-cold water on my plans, LITERALLY!

As soon as I got out I was greeted by a blast of wind, that promptly gave me a radical hair style and upturned my umbrella. By the time Rishi had done his business and managed to get enough mud on both our shoes, I had lost all hope for a photo shoot. 

But then seeing me sad, bf was kind enough to shoot these photos (gotta love him).....where else but the recycling area behind the building!!! How charming!!! 

Despite my windwrecked hair and the scenic background......these did not come out half as bad, no? What do you think?

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Wearing: Vintage Cape, Suzy Shier Belt, Mod Cloth Delightfully warm Tights in Oatmeal, Ardene-H&M-Bangladeshi Jewelry, Kamik Rainboots and Damzels in This Dress Umbrella

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