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A while back I mentioned that I follow a color palette to curate my wardrobe. Since many of you asked I have created a series of posts to describe this process. 

Color is my biggest focus while getting dressed. I love playing with various hues to see what portrays my mood best and am also guilty of organizing my wardrobe by color. So it really should not come as a surprise that I have developed a color palette, as a guide to finding the perfect pieces for creating my ideal wardrobe.

I studied this for quite some time, identifying the shades that look best on me, those that are less than flattering, the shades I wear fearlessly and reach for most often as a basic layer.

As you know I wear a rainbow of hues in general. But how do I know where to start? Well, it all starts with the neutrals that make up the core of my color palette. These create a blank slate on which I create vivid paintings with my secondary colors.

The most flattering neutrals for me are black, dark gray, navy, off-white and crimson red. This palette of neutrals will be different for each of you. For most it will contain brown and maybe not red. But I do not like brown other than in the form of footwear or accessories so I left that out. On the other hand I love red and am most comfortable in a red coat. So my starting point for each outfit is one of these colors, be it in the form of something as small as a pair of tights or something as substantial as a dress.

Over time I have either acquired or am in the process of acquiring wardrobe basics in each of these shades. The selection is done with very careful consideration as these are investment pieces that I want to last at least
5-7 years if not more. Once I identify the items needed, I set the highest budget I can and either purchase, custom make or thrift-alter based on my budget. No matter how the item is acquired, I make sure the fit is extraordinary (if not it is altered), the material is a natural fibre (wool, cotton, linen, silk) and the attention to detail is exquisite (beautiful buttons, luxurious lining makes all the difference).

Three words that sum up my basics....luxurious, unique, understated. An example would be a Navy cape in the finest wool, with gold crest buttons, ornate gold buckled belt and red silk lining.

Below is a sample list of wardrobe basics I try to acquire in each of my neutrals. This list will look different for everyone, but for my lifestyle this is what I use and need. To simplify my life, I always try to acquire items that can perform double duty, such as a dress that can be worn year round instead of one for summer and one for winter.

2 day dresses (summer-winter)
1 evening dress
2 tops (summer-winter)
1 skirt
1 blazer
1 cardigan
1 outerwear

However, this list just a guide. Just because I need a black evening dress doesn't mean I buy the first good quality dress I see. When an item is bought to fill a void and not out of love, it usually gets neglected while I wear the things I love over and over again. When buying anything, one must fall in love with it......not lust....but feel an enduring desire for it. One must wait after seeing it to feel a tug in the heart and if after a considerable amount of time the yearning is still there, only then one should go ahead, give it a loving home and cherish it forever (although exceptions may apply if the item is extremely rare and the chances of seeing it ever again is close to nil).

This is how I create my neutral basic wardrobe. Next post in this series will cover how I introduce colors into my wardrobe. Please tweet me to share your opinions about this post or if you have any questions. 

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