Footprints in the snow

Wearing: Anthropologie Time Gone By Dress, Geox Flats, H&M Belt, Costa Blanca Coat, ModCloth Longitude Tights in Cayenne and Angee W Flower Pin.

As howling winds rattle my window on this sunny morning, I wonder why spring is not coming sooner. I wonder why like many things in my life this change is taking such a long time to take place! I like change, mind you, but what I do not like is not knowing.....and the time that we spend in waiting. But I have a feeling what is coming will be better than what is, much better. And so I calm myself with a warm and fragrant bath, imagine that best possible outcomes and count my blessings. I am truly very grateful you know, grateful that I have you, many of you, who care on a level deeper than I would have thought possible over the interweb. I have been erratic with my posting, commenting, getting swept off my feet by the torrential river that we call life, but still you are here, waiting patiently....letting me be human. 

Thank you.

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