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Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend??? 
I spent mine relaxing supremely, cooking, lazing around with bf, eating leftover birthday cake for breakfast, taking catnaps in the sun streaming through my windows, reading Entre Nous/ Savvy Chic and taking photos.

I also submitted an application for a midtown apartment on the topmost floor of a highrise building, with floor to ceiling windows. I am excited, nervous and can't think of anything else but furniture at the moment. Every single outfit combination I make inspires me to create a decor palette based on the colors. BTW for those of you who are in Toronto or even Ontario, can you recommend me a good and reasonably priced re-upholsterer? I wanted to buy an old Victorian loveseat and give it a makeover, but the person I contacted first totally scared me with his quote of over $ 3000 dollars. For a loveseat???? Really!!! I could buy a gorgeous sofa from Anthropologie for that price!

Moving onto the outfit, I barely ever go for monochromatic palettes but I dreamed about this combination right before waking up one day and could not get it out of my head. So here it is.

What do you think of it?

P.S: Thanks for your thoughts on the "Spring Showers" post. I think I will go with the Lollipop Drizzle after all. I'll get it after my shopping ban ends on April 30th. So excited! :)

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