I am not well, a bad flu virus, exam related stress and inability to surprise a friend for her birthday is eating me from inside. 

On the other hand, I am alive and well while I experience....horror struck the anguish of people from my cousin sister's country....Japan. It really all comes down to perspective.....doesn't it.....our relative well being?

So while I pray for those affected by this disaster today.....I would also like to say thanks. Thanks to the Universe or God...whomever you wish to dedicate it to. 

Thank you for the love I receive every single moment.
Thank you for the little pleasures in life like a hot bowl of soup..the warmth under a duvet on a chilly morning. 
Thank you for friends, family and the little furry creatures that win our hearts.

Thank you for my life, exactly the way it is.

P.S: Thanks to you folks, for liking my awkward last post titled as Cape Girl. On Victoria's kind suggestion I submitted it to Hypeed magazine's "Well in your wellies" issue. I think you will also be able to vote for me, how exciting! Wish me luck!

Wearing: Mandee Sweater Dress, Roots Fairisle Cardigan, Geox Flats, H&M Belt and Bangladeshi-H&M-Swarovski Accessories

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