Summoning spring

There is a love hate relationship between me and this dress, which explains why it made its way back into my closet after being in "To Go" pile for the 3rd time. It would be a lie to say I do not wear her, I do........almost everyday during Summer. Her subtle floral prints, shirt collar and fluttering sleeves make me miss her if I don't see her for more than a few days. But she looks best unadorned, with just a pair of flats or sandals. Which is fine for Summer but poses a challenge during fall, winter and spring as I do not want to take away from her beauty by adding much. 

This time I am trying to see if I can keep her essence alive and still make her wearable for colder months. I add a pair of mustard bring out some color, a navy cardigan for slight warmth, a vintage belt to give some definition and a ring just because I felt like it. However, due to an inconsiderate police man, who splashed muddy slush all over me, I could not photograph this outfit in the quirky streets of Kensington market, as planned. I hope you like my second set of indoor photos. :)

Wearing: Vintage & Reworked Dress, Vintage Belt, H&M Ring, Mod Cloth Cardigan, Hue Tights and Payless Shoe Source Flats.

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