Just a quick note

Time never stops for anyone, it flies along on it's path, regardless of whether we can keep up or not. But for me time seem to have stopped in the last few days. The flu turned into a nasty infection because I've been studying like a mad woman for the upcoming mid term and doing house-hunting in the surprisingly bitter spring weather in T.O. Your heartfelt "Get Well" wishes is probably the reason I am being able to do everything that I'm doing. :)

There is one more unit that I'm hopefully going to see today. So by tonight I would have filed an application for a nice midtown apartment.  The ones I was looking at in downtown T.O are all either out of my price range or really nasty, so for now midtown it is. Right now my head is swarming with decor ideas and I'm saving my pennies to buy some actual furniture for the new apartment, last night I even dreamed about Victorian Loveseats. LOL.

On a really happy note,yours truly was featured in Hypeed Magazine's "Well in Your Wellies" issue. Gorgeous Victoria from Justice Pirate, who thought I should enter in the first place pointed it out this morning. You can now see for yourself here. Thank you so much Victoria. You have no idea how much better my day became because of this. :)

So with that I'll leave ya'll for today. I'm not looking very photogenic at the moment, but I'll take photos after my midterm on Friday, when I celebrate bf's birthday. I've a simple but gorgeous outfit planned. 

Love you all and take care.
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