End of school year

Wearing: Mod Cloth Windy City Dress, Vintage Blazer, Hue Tights, Payless Shoe Source Loafers, Ardene-Gifted Accessories

I'm now at Toronto International Airport, going out of town to attend a wedding. It's a traditional occasion so I'm rather looking forward to wearing a saree and some ethnic jewelry. :) Please keep your fingers crossed so that the weather cooperates and I can take some gorgeous photos. 

On another note exams are finally over, and I have four glorious summer months ahead filled with unknown exciting opportunities. I just wish the warmth would hurry up a bit, this is what I was wearing yesterday and practically freezing to death. I can hear birds announcing spring on my balcony every morning but Toronto weather seems to be a little slow on the uptake. It's still negative temperatures here, so I'm rebelling by dressing as light as possible. Can't wait for sandal and dress days!!!

How's your week been so far?

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