Decor on my mind

For my new home I'm gravitating towards some very specific decor themes. After months of pouring over blogs and perusing design stores, I have been able to compile the following photos to represent exactly the kind of mood I want my bed & bath area to invoke. 

A wrought iron bed dressed in lush shades of Berry and Plum and made with crisp white linen sheets. Distressed mirrors reflecting the flickering light of candles in hanging lanterns. A bedroom furnished in only the bare essentials for rest & relaxation, not a thing more.

 Mirrors with ornate gilded frames, claw footed tub, big brass lanterns, gorgeous chandeliers and yet more distressed mirrors. Opulence in simplicity. 

Hand tufted gorgeous wool rugs in saturated hues of the exotic Eastern lands. Blanket for my toes. :)

My decorating style, like my personal style is heavily influenced by my heritage. Mirrors, antique silver and bronze, saturated warm colors, lush fabrics, exquisite handiwork, elaborate patterns and an all around opulence is what I strive for. But in this land far away from home, such things are truly a luxury, not hard to come by but far out of my student budget. 

But I've still somehow managed to save up a considerable sum, which will allow me, albeit in a slow pace and modest manner to bring this dream home of mine to reality. 

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