Wardrobe essentials 2011

Every summer as the world around me blossoms into a thousand colors, I am rather inclined to indulge myself with pretty summer dresses. But this year, the goal of outfitting my new home requires me to be wise with how I outfit myself. After the pre-move purge, I have noticed a few gaping holes in my wardrobe, some of which if not filled, will cause me great distress come winter. 

For example, after four years of intense wearing, I finally disposed of my beloved red coat this spring, so currently I do not have a coat to battle the grueling Canadian winter. During the same purge, went my black suede riding boots, ripped inside and so badly salt stained that even professional cleaning could not take it out. My trusted Geox flats have uneven and damaged soles, thanks to my constant use for the last two years. And truth be told, if I'm planning to use my Cambridge satchel for a lifetime, it will need some relief from it's current vigorous use.

So without further ado, here's my wardrobe essentials list for 2011. I must somehow manage the funds to acquire these items, anything else that my heart desires can wait, for the time being. 

* A pair of Repetto Black flats
* A pair of Black leather lace up boots 
* A Black wool full skirted military style coat
* A Mulberry Bayswater Black leather bag 

Acquiring these items will just require some saving on my part and then sourcing a retailer. So I am not to worried about it. The coat of my dreams however, remains illusive as I do not think any retailer has yet caught up with the image inside my head. These inspiration photos represent various aspects of my desired coat, but none of them is "The One".

I am planning to invest as much as I possibly can in these items, simply because I can not afford to replace them frequently. So I have to remind myself constantly that I am striving for quality, not quantity; for those times when a particularly beautiful dress catches my fancy!

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