Summer side of life

Wearing: F21 smocked maxi dress w belt, F21 linen tribal jacket, H&M Ring & Tessoro Pendant

All year long I eagerly anticipate this day, making elaborate outfit plans to celebrate the first day of real hot weather, of the kind I grew up with. But when this day actually shows up, all I can think of are the breeziest, simplest attires. This summer, I've truly discovered the pleasures of full length dresses, they are incredibly stylish, adding an air of nonchalance as well as a glamor from a bygone era to one's every step. This simple dress, in the vividest fuschia I could find, paired with a batik print linen blazer and some carefully picked jewels, is one of the few ensembles in my wardrobe that is an extension of my soul, a perfect embodiment of how I want the world to see me. I can't really describe in words how peaceful and confident I feel in this attire, it's inexplicable really!

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