Why build a perfect wardrobe : An exercise in manifestation

It recently occurred to me that the benefits of building a perfect wardrobe are many more than meets the eye.

For example, it can be a prime opportunity to exercise manifestation. For those of you who are unclear on its meaning, manifestation essentially means creating the life you want.

Take some time today to truly identify your personal style. Then, you should be able to discover, albeit over time and through much pondering; what your ideal wardrobe would contain. Be very specific about the contents of your dream wardrobe, don't settle for the second best and do not compromise. If you reward yourself with what you truly want, you will feel so abundant that that hankering after quantity over quality will disappear. A desire to consume is mostly born out of deficiency, the feeling we get when we don't really take the time to know ourselves, and fill our life with fluff. Then we feel as though everyone else's possessions are sweeter than our own. But if we really knew ourselves, we would realize how unique each of us are, and we don't really need everything others have.

Write down the contents of your dream wardrobe. Note color, material, construction, style, as many details as you can conceive. You do not have to hurry, this is meant to be done over some time and you will see as you delve deeper into yourself, knowledge will come naturally.

Once you have this knowledge, then you will not only be able to vividly picture the items in your mind, you will also form a deep desire to acquire those items in order to truly make your wardrobe an extension of your soul. Thus you are setting your heart on acquiring only a select few, perfect items. Naturally you will not want to indulge in mindless consumerism which will only take you further away from your goal. And with perseverance, patience and careful planning ultimately you will surely achieve your dream wardrobe.

Think for a moment now, this is not a coincidence, it is a thoughtful execution of a carefully conceived plan. And that is what manifestation really is, no? Knowing what you want, making it clear in your mind and pursuing it with all your being!!!

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