Color my world Zarna Surti !!!

Zarna Surti, from Zarna's Runway is a Nashville based musician/ stylist whose is the kind of style I want to have when I grow up. Originally from India, Zarna wears colors, prints and patterns like no other lady I know and her style is a perfect blend of Bollywood fantasy and high fashion. To learn a few tricks of her trade, I recently asked Zarna a few questions about her style. 

Zarna Surti
“East-meets-west style with a modern twist”

What made you start Zarna's Runway?
I was reading lots of fashion blogs like Sea of Shoes, The Glamourai, Karla’s Closet, and The Sartorialist.  They inspired me to start my own site!

I believe you are from India, so it should not come as a surprise but a lot of times, people from South Asia just want to blend into the North American culture and do not display their cultural heritage in such an artistic way. What inspired you to develop this unique signature style of yours that is part high fashion-part Bollywood?
 Yes, I am from India!  I’m SO proud of my culture and love the fact that I grew up experiencing both Indian and American cultures.  Going to Indian parties and seeing my mother and her friends in gorgeous saris inspired me.  Also, both of my grandmothers only wear Indian clothes!  It came naturally to me to try and mix those pieces with my American clothes.

Who/ what are your biggest source of influences while developing your style or even just getting dressed everyday?
 I love reading street style blogs, they are full of fashionable people from all around the world and I pull a lot of inspiration from them.

Growing up, did you have any fashion disaster moments that you now secretly laugh about? If so when and what were they?
 YES.  I have THE CRAZIEST hair.  It’s funny because now my hair is probably what I get the most compliments on.  However, when I was young I had big, crazy frizzy hair that I didn’t know what to do with.  Now I’ve grown to love my curls and can tame them, so thank god for that J

What do you do outside of this blog? When you're not blogging and working how do you spend your time in your home town?
 In my free time I love to go vintage shopping, grab drinks with my friends, bake, and enjoy time with my family.  I’m also a big foodie, I love to try new foods and enjoy cooking with my brother (he’s a great cook and has an amazing food blog:

How do you get dressed? Do you pre-plan the fabulous outfits, or does it organically come together like a work of art every day?
 I let them come together organically…typically I just sit on my bed and stare at my closet, then wear whatever jumps out at me!  My friends always make fun of me for this, but that’s what I like to do!

Do you have any words of wisdom for those of us out there who want to incorporate a little Bollywood glamor into our lives or just want to explore our Indian heritage? How should we go about doing it?
 Be open minded with your Indian clothing – don’t look at a salwaar as just a salwaar: it can be harem pants & a robe.  A sari can be draped in a million modern ways, and skirts can be worn with everything.  Once I realized how many of my Indian clothes I could incorporate into my style, I was excited to know that my closet pretty much doubled!

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