Cooling down

Gifted Top, Vintage Skirt

Much to my chagrin, Toronto seems to be cooling down, the mornings are chilly again and the nights unusually windy. It seems like summer was here only for a couple of weeks. I'm literally planning outfit shots left right and centre, as it just hit me that all the outfits I was procrastinating on shooting might actually be left unworn if this continues. :)

BTW do any of you have experience with Pilates? I went to my first ever class last Thusrday and ever since I have been experiencing a stubborn ache on the back of my neck in my spine. It feels like one of my discs has come out to create a protrusion. Is this natural for people who have never done sit ups and and held onto the curled neck position for a long time?

On another note, I started cutting my first ever silk skirt, it's a black voluminous circle skirt in the best silk I could find. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If it turns out the way I imagined it, it would be the most luxurious item in my wardrobe. Wish me luck. 
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