An ideal shoe wardrobe

For the longest time I've fantasized about my ideal shoe wardrobe! I looked at the library of shoes that is the trademark of many fashionistas and wondered, does one really need hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in order to acquire an impeccable shoe wardrobe? The recent fiasco with another one of my spinal discs slipping out also made me really consider the kind of shoes I should be wearing. While I would love to wear heels, the reality is that I can not, but I also think a part of me would die if I have to wear orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life. All these made me put pen to paper and really try to figure out what is it that I define as my ideal shoe wardrobe.

An ideal shoe wardrobe would make me look stylish and feel comfortable year after year, regardless of the season and occasion. It should have -


black flat knee high riding boot | brown flat knee high riding boot


rain boot | black flat loafers/ brogues | brown flat brogues/ loafers


black sandal | brown sandal | gold sandal | silver sandal


black ankle boot | brown ankle boot


black pumps, heel height maximum 1.5" | red pumps, heel height maximum 1.5" | two other shoes in wardrobe accent colors that take my breath away

Even after leaving some room for whimsical shoes that might catch my fancy I could not come up with a higher number than 15 for my lifestyle. And while 15 is far from minimalistic, it is definitely attainable, albeit over time even for a student on budget. It is rather a matter of selling off all the unnecessary extras that are cramming up my wardrobe and saving up for the perfect ones.

The bigger problem however was coming to terms with myself about the acceptable heel height. I have always felt that heels make my legs look pretty and I like that. While I loved brogues and loafers, I also used to think that the flat incarnations of these classics make my legs look not so flattering. But then after a few days of intense pain that kept me awake at night, I thought again, is it worth it to force my feet into heels that they can barely walk in....just so that my legs look pretty for a few hours? What price will my body make me pay if I keep treating it like this? These thoughts scared me, made me a put a little less importance on vanity and a bit more on the precious gift that is my body.

Tell me, did you ever have to accept a limitation that your body set for you? How did you deal with it? Or on a less serious note, do you know what your ideal shoe wardrobe would look like?

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