Owl carry your things

Summer is raging in Toronto and I am barely alive. It is so hot outside that all my plans of frolicking around is melting away as I sit panting on my balcony with Rishi. But no.....honestly speaking I could not be happier. I just started yoga classes at Moksha Yoga and physically or mentally I have never felt more alive. My body feels lighter, mind feels calmer and patient, it's easier for me to resist impulse urges, be it for some online shopping or a huge bag of Lays original and I actually want to eat healthy things like fruits and such......which is really unusual for me. :) I also discovered that I have never really known how to breathe, until now, who knew you can feel every single cell of your body coming alive when you take a real breath???

Plus this amazing heat means Toronto is buzzing with street festivals. Last week I went to the Colombian diaspora festival at Harborfront Centre, drank fresh coconut juice, got stared down by a golden Medusa and chased around by a particularly dandy clown for quite some time!!! I love summer!!! :)

On another totally different note, I finally got my hands on the Owl Carry Your Things Bag from ModCloth. The moment I saw it on ModCloth about a year ago I knew it was meant for me but I could not get it. Then it went out of stock but I somehow kept hoping I would find it, and finally a month ago, as I was walking home from Rishi's vet, I saw it hanging outside a boutique in my neighborhood. It was on sale, so much cheaper than its original price and I did not have to pay shipping either. This also officially fulfills my wardrobe requirement for the perfect brown bag. Win Win Win!!! Thank god the sophisticated ladies who frequent that boutique don't care for a silly owl tote.

Woot woot Twooooter
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