Pride weekend

Pride Parade is probably the biggest cultural event in Canada. On Sunday 1 million people from Toronto and all over Canada attended this celebration of freedom and expression. It literally seemed like every single person in Toronto was on the streets in the sweltering heat, well everyone except the mayor, Rob Ford, who was safely tucked away up north in his cottage. Let's just say he doesn't know what he's missing and his absence was a wonderful opportunity for merchants to sell Rob Ford masks which was probably the most popular merchandise sold yesterday. :)

The outfit was my attempt at shielding myself from the sun, wearing breezy and voluminous layers and ended up looking like a Flamenco dancer for most part of the day with my hair tied up in a severe bun. Unfortunately my attempt was only half successful as I now have a big triangular red patch on my left shoulder, because that's the direction the sun was shining from as I stood on Yonge street for 4 hours. Didn't realize my hair, tied up was not there to protect my shoulders! Oh well, it was worth it and I'd do it all over again next year, albeit with some sunscreen and a parasol. :)

Wearing: Forever 21 A line Gauze Tunic, ModCloth Essential Elegance Skirt, ModCloth Arco Iris Flats

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