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I'm a big believer in destiny. Otherwise I would have done what any sensible person would, immediately buy a new one, when my trusted Chi Turbo Flat Iron broke down after serving me faithfully for three years. But for some reason, I did not and resorted to pre-historic means of making my hair behave in this sweltering heat. On day 3, I received an email from Misikko, a webshop with an incredible selection of some of the best flat irons in the market. 

I could not believe my eyes when I read the email, they wanted to send me a new flat iron, which if I like I can keep. Are you kidding me??? When did it start raining free flat irons??? So I answered yes, and eagerly waited. A few days later I came home to a long thin package waiting on my doorstep. Hands shaking, I took it inside and started playing with it. 

The Hana Titanium Flat Iron was lighter and easier to handle than my Chi Turbo and delivered the same results. It also had a bigger range of heat options for people who don't want to fry their hair. But what won me over completely was the really thoughtful extras. It came in a protective metal tin and the iron was secured in a two compartment leathery case, one for the iron, one for the cord, simple but really genius. Plus it came with a silicone mat to rest on when in use, which meant I would never scorch my rugs again. :)

Out of sheer curiosity I took a look at their website and found an extensive collection of Farouk Chi Flat Irons as well as Titanium Flat Irons like mine. In fact my Hana one is top rated on this page.

I thought I would share this with you because there are so many places out there that sell fakes of these name brand irons for exorbitant prices. It was by sheer luck that I got an original Chi Turbo without paying the retail price the first time around. Wish I had known about Misikko then. They were also generous enough to provide YOU, my readers with a discount code HANA10, which takes $ 10 dollars off any order on Hana products. So if any of you are in the market for a new flat iron, check out Misikko even if just for price comparison's sake.

Dear readers, do you use a flat iron on a regular basis? What are some of your favorite brands? Why? 
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