Kiran, a ray of light

Gifted and hand-made dress by Kiran Bajaj Sawhney

Every once in a while something so unexpected happens to me that it takes my breath away. When I started this blog, I had no idea of the things that will come to pass because of it, and they still continue to amaze me. One example is this dress, I saw a blog friend, Kiran wearing it, and I could not help but comment on how unique this dress is. Little did I know that I was in for a surprise. Kiran told me she designed and made it with her own hands. But I was totally blown away when she literally took it off of her back and mailed it to me, as a gift. Till that moment, I have only heard the amazing tales of kindness and friendship that takes place in the blogosphere, but it was Kiran who actually gave me the first hand experience. 

The dress came in the mail when it was bitter cold here and I patiently waited for summer. However, I wanted to photograph it in a way that was true to its essence, something magical. I did not quite know what I wanted, so I kept styling it in different ways and shooting, until yesterday. It was near sunset, I had styled this dress yet again, and after finding a secluded spot on the Belt Line Trail, we started clicking. It was when I started looking at the photos that I knew I have finally accomplished what I was striving for. 

Kiran, in Sanskrit means "A ray of light", so it was only fitting that her creation be bathed in last rays of the setting sun.

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