What's in my backyard

Wearing: ModCloth About the Author Dress, Medal of Honour Badge in Owl, Owl Carry Your Things Bag; Ecco Kalac Wedges; Vintage Belt

I know outfit posts have been few and far between after my move. One reason is definitely bf's hectic work schdeule, but another is the lack of secluded spaces for me to set up a tripod in this busy midtown neighbourhood. The day I took these photos I had to walk around for an hour to find an empty spot on a partcularly pretty belt line trail. It seems people in my area love to jog and they are certainly not aware of personal style blogging. So finally tired and desperate I ventured into the Mt. Pleasant Cemetary. I think it must be the biggest and most beautiful cemetery in Toronto.  

I'm just a little scared of venturing off alone into a cemetary so I kept close to the entrance, but slowly I am gaining courage, so perhaps next time I'll have some more photos of beautiful tombstones and crypts for you. On my way back, I found  this almost perfect maple leaf that had just fallen........it seems like fall is slowly creeping upon us. Can you feel it in the air?

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