A simple affair


The last few weeks have rushed by unbelievably fast. This is my first time taking more than the recommended course load at school and only now that I'm halfway through my midterms, I'm finally starting to figure out a study strategy. To my utter dismay, I had to turn down every single fashion show invitation I had for LG Fashion Week. Why must they all occur in the university mid-term period? Even for the FW shows it's the same. 

But then again I guess it's really okay since my camera is broken, and can only take photos without any zoom when the mood strikes it. From now on most photos I post will be taken either via bf's phone/ my phone until we save up for a good camera. 

Last time, I had posted about the wardrobe basics I had acquired, so it is only fitting that I show them in action. As I spend long hours between school and work, hauling my books and laptop on the 3-4 hour commute between suburbia and downtown T.O everyday; I find myself more and more drawn to simple silhouettes that look as well put together at the end of the day as they do fist thing in the morning. A flared skirt, simple top, good shoes and some choice accessories are all I need. I think I'm slowly approaching another style transformation!

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